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Classical dance

Classical dance helps dancers form beautiful lines of the body, perform correct centre positioning, it develops all muscle groups, as well as the strength of the feet and one’s take-off ability. Classical dance has strict rules regarding the way movements should be carried out, therefore it facilitates self-discipline and self-control. This style of dance does not only develop one’s body physically, but also improves the skill to concentrate. The beneficial effects of classical music have been scientifically proven. When dancing to classical music, the child grows mentally and develops the ability to combine sound with movements.

Jazz dance

Jazz dance develops the elasticity of the body, one’s ability to move freely and feel the body in its entirety, also improving the ability to transition from one movement to another. This style of dance does not have any strict rules, the form of the dance is free, and it is performed according to the feelings that are incited by the music and the rhythm. Usually, jazz music is used, but it is also possible to dance to other genres of music.

General physical fitness

General physical fitness is of vital importance for children who take up dancing. Dancing is based on the coordinated work of one’s muscles; therefore, a dancer needs to develop his or her musculature first. During the group lessons of the smallest ones, we improve the general physical fitness of children with the help of various games.