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Concept of the dance school

The main goal of the school is to form professional dancers of universal character who would be able to fit into and express themselves in the modern world of dance by taking part in various projects, performances and shows, as well as create performances of their own. However, we also organise groups for those who wish to train their ability to dance as a hobby.

We train children from the age of 3.
In order to develop one’s ability to dance, as well as the technical performance, a strong foundation is required, therefore children are only taught the elements of classical dance until the age of 8–9. During the lessons, we develop the students’ posture, balance, arm positioning, and spinning technique. Later we also offer jazz dance and acrobatics that strengthen other muscle groups and the entire body, develop one’s speed and coordination, as well as elasticity and other characteristics that are important for dancers.

The cornerstones of our school:

Visual image.
Dance lessons help form a flexible body and harmoniously developed body lines, as the visual image of a dancer is of crucial importance. We teach our students to take care of themselves and their appearance, as this includes proper clothing, hair styling and makeup.

Healthy lifestyle.
We introduce our students to the principles of proper nutrition and healthy living. During lectures of professional nutrition specialists, children and parents are provided with detailed information on a balanced diet that is suitable for dancers. Students are taught to take care of their body and the surrounding environment.

Dancing is based on strong self-discipline and perfectionism in the performance of movements and body coordination. Discipline is a valuable component in one’s upbringing. We believe that order on the outside facilitates internal self-discipline, which is a fundamental element for professional growth. If a child will not want to be a professional dancer in the future, the ability to do things properly and attentively will be useful in any line of activity and will increase a person’s competitiveness.

Creativity and personal growth.
We give a lot of attention to the development of the creative potential of dancers and their ability to take part in the creation of choreography. Dance lessons make it possible to discover and express one’s personality, develop the ability to feel the music, as well as express oneself with movements and get into character. The art of improvisation facilitates the ability to create choreography.

Trust. Only a free personality can be creative, but freedom and creativity require a secure and friendly environment, thus we always strive to form such an environment at our dance school and preserve trust and openness in the children.

We have not chosen the easiest or shortest way, but we have made sure of the efficiency of our methods during the work process. Our concept works only by bringing all of the previously mentioned components together.